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Centera End of Life

Centera end of Life, End of Sale, End of Product Support, End of Support Dates

Dell has announced the end of life of Centera in Summer 2017 with the following dates:

End of Life March 2018
End of Product Support March 2023

The end of Life date is to be considered an end of sale date as product support continues till March 2023. This indicates that current production environments can be kept under Maintenance till End of March 2023.

Informatio assists customers with all possibilities to replace Centera with on premise, hybrid or online solutions to ensure data is migrated and stored on supported systems prior to March 2023.

For customers that run out of capacity prior to being able to migrate, Informatio can provide Centera nodes to accommodate capacity growth.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Which system is the service based on?

  • What kind of performance can be expected?

  • ARM Centera systems data migration support?

  • Which compliance modes are supported?

  • Which kind of security does the service provide?

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