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Online CAS Service on ECS

Online CAS Service on ECS

The online CAS service provides all of the CAS protocol features that Centera provided. Informatio implements access to the infrastructure using IPSec and supports the restriction of IP Addresses at the bucket level.
Furthermore, Informatio support the customer implementing a Zyxel based firewall to implement a dedicated VPN infrastructure.
The namespace multi tenancy functionality of ECS allows separation and implementation of different compliance requirements to meet the customer requirements.

Distaster tolerance and Backup & Recovery for on-premises ECS systems

The online service can extend an on-premises solution with disaster tolerance as well as backup and recovery possibility that allows individual CAS or S3 buckets to be mirrored to the online ECS.
The Recovery and Backup Software from Datatrust solutions has a proven track record and can extend any number of on-premises systems with disaster tolerance and recovery possibilities.

Frequently asked Questions

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